Children's Camp 2017

Camp Solgohachia


Camp Solgohachia comes in two varieties: day camp and overnight camp (must be out of the 3rd grade or older for overnight camp), both of which are offered throughout the summer. Day campers arrive after breakfast each day and leave to go back home in the late afternoon (lunch is included). They are smoothly integrated into the rest of the campers who are staying overnight during the session and get to participate in eight of Camp Solgohachia's sixteen thrilling activities.

Overnight campers are assigned a camp "tribe" where they will lodge with anywhere from 6 to 11 other campers of all ages, under the leadership of at least one (usually two) college-aged Senior Counselors and one or more high-school aged Junior Counselors. Like day campers, overnight campers also get to participate in eight of Camp Solgohachia's sixteen activities. And if that wasn't enough, a special camp-wide event is hosted each evening after dinner that can range from competing in the Solgohachia Olympics to cooking your own meal with your tribe at Camp Out night! Each night is rounded out with an episode of one of our famous dramas, a gripping (and often hilarious) story that develops more each night of camp.