Kids Camp (3rd-6th) & Day Camp (K-2nd)

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This year we will attend CPBA Kids Camp at Camp Paron.

Overnight camp is available for children who have completed 3rd-6th grades. Cost: $125

KIDS (3rd-6th Grade)CAMP FORMS

Day camp is available for children who have completed Kindergarten-2nd grades. Cost: $35

DAY CAMP (K-2nd Grade) FORMS

Kids Camp 3rd-6th Grade (Overnight) Schedule


3:00-5:00         Arrival and Registration (Camp Office)

4:30-5:00         Counselor’s Meeting (Chapel)

5:00-5:30         Welcome Meeting (Chapel)

5:30-6:00         Free Time

6:00-7:00         Supper (Cafeteria)

7:00-8:15         Evening Worship Service (Chapel)

8:15-8:45         Break (Snack Shack will be open)

8:45-9:45         Good Time Hour (Chapel)

9:45-10:30        Prep for Bed and Cabin Devotions

10:30             Lights out


7:00-7:50         Wake Up and Get Ready (Cabin)

7:50-8:00         Pledge and Prayer Time (Front of Caf.)

8:00-8:45         Breakfast

8:45-9:00         Morning Meeting (Amphitheater)

9:00-9:45         “Examine” Class Session 

9:45-10:00        Break

10:00-10:45      "Experience” Class Session 

10:45-11:00       Break

11:00-12:00       Morning Worship Service

12:00-1:00        Lunch

1:00-2:45         Girls Slide Time

3:00-4:45         Boys Slide Time

(2:00-5:00)       (Snack Shack Open)

5:00-6:00         Clean Up Time (Cabins)

6:00-10:30        Refer to “Monday” schedule


7:00-1:00         Refer to “Tuesday-Wednesday” schedule

1:00-2:45         Girls Slide Time

3:00-4:45         Boys Slide Time

4:00-6:00         Clean Up and Load Up Time

6:00-7:00         Supper

7:00-8:00         Evening Worship Service

8:15                  Departure

Day Camp (K-2nd Grade) Schedule


9:00-9:30          Register & Snack Time (Life Center)

9:30-10:00        Morning Worship Service (Life Center)

10:15-11:00       Girls Slide Time

11:00-11:45       Boys Slide Time

12:00-12:45       Lunch (Life Center)

12:45-1:30       Class Session (Various locations)

1:30-3:00        Outdoor Activity/Craft Time (Life Center)

3:00-3:15         Snack Time (Life Center)

3:15-3:45         Class Session (Various locations)

3:45-4:00         Clean Up and Load Up Time

4:00              Departure